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Student Expectations and Discipline

General Student Expectations

General Student Expectations

Respect, Responsibility, & Readiness
1. Students will obey teachers, and respect others and their school.
2. Students will be regular and punctual in attendance.
3. Students will be prepared for class with appropriate materials, including pencils, paper, and textbooks.
4. Students will act appropriately at all times and comply with all discipline standards set forth by the school and the school district
5. Students will refrain from acts, which interfere with the smooth operation of the school.
6. Students will refrain from any harassment activity.
7. Students will respect the property of others and the school.
Don Juan Avila Middle School has established high standards for our students, both academically and behaviorally.  In order to attain these standards, students are expected to show respect toward one another and all adults.  This will help us maintain a safe and positive learning environment.  The following standards are intended to encourage all students to behave in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, their parents, and Don Juan Avila Middle School.
Students are expected to arrive to school on time and arrive to all of their classes on time.  Failure to do this hinders the instructional objectives of the teacher and interrupts the learning process.  The following procedures will apply to unexcused tardies on a quarterly basis.
1st Tardy  – Warning: Student teacher conference
2nd Tardy – Teacher assigned consequence: Parent notification by teacher (Detention)
3rd Tardy – Teacher assigned consequence: Parent notification by teacher (Detention or Unsatisfactory citizenship            grade)
4 or more Tardies – Office Referral to Assistant Principal (Detention(s), In-House Suspension, Attendance Contract, Saturday School, At Home Suspension, and/or parent contact)


  1. Students may not leave campus once they have arrived at school.  Parents must check students out at the reception desk.  Visitors must always check in at the office.
  2. Middle school students are to report to, and remain on, the middle school side of the campus.  They must remain in the marked areas until school starts.  They may not “visit” the elementary side of the campus at any time.
  3. Food may be eaten in the lunch areas only.  This includes food that is eaten before school and at break.
  4. Students may not sit on tables or desks.
  5. Activities that are physically dangerous are prohibited.  This includes pushing, horseplay, or “play fighting”.
  6. Athletic equipment use is confined to Physical Education areas only.  Basketballs may only be bounced on the basketball blacktop.  No personal athletic equipment is to be brought to school.
  7. Balloons, water pistols, dolls, permanent markers, cards, and other toys are not allowed at school.
  8. Students are not to be in possession of devices that are capable of shooting objects.  These include, but are not limited to, hollowed-out pens, rubber bands and staples.  Shooting or throwing of any projectile is forbidden.
  9. Students are expected to line up single-file when appropriate.  This includes food lines, bus lines, fire drill lines, or line-ups for any activity.
  10. Students may not take cuts in any line.
  11. Backpacks may not have any writing, drawings, or designs on them.